Wind Mitigation

What is the Florida Building Codes 706.2 and 708.8.1?

If you are getting a new roof installed and your home has a value of $300,000 or more, Florida Building Codes 706.2 and 708.8.1 applies to your property. This Code states when re-roofing a home valued over $300,000 portions of the existing roof trusses are required to be retrofitted with the proper roof to wall connections. Roofing Contractors are not licensed to do this work.

Third Nail Mitigation provides this type of specialized retrofitting service. Due to the massive roof damage caused by Hurricane Irma in Florida, Roofing Contractors have become aware that most Building Departments are now Enforcing Florida Building Codes 706.2 and 708.8.1, even though this code has been in effect for several years. Tens of Thousands of roofs are being replaced throughout Florida. Take advantage of this reroofing project and Save 20%-25 of your insurance premium every year.

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